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How To Prevent Lower Back Injuries In The Gym

Exercising in the gym is a good way to keep oneself fit and healthy. Exercising in the gym can help you lose weight and build muscle. Exercising in the gym also help to improve your metabolism and body’s blood circulation. If you weight train in the gym then you should be aware of the correct form and safety precautions taken while lifting weights. Weight training is the key to building muscles but it also poses some risks of serious injuries. You should lift weights to build muscle but not to injure yourself. The most common injuries that occur in a gym during weight training is the lower back injury. The lower back injury is a nightmare for every athlete since it takes a considerable amount of time to recover from the pain.

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Serious lower back injuries may require physical therapies or spinal rehabilitation. So at any cost, it is better to prevent this serious injury. There are many exercises in the gym that can cause a lower back injury. You should practice good form to avoid any injury. Below are some workouts that may give you a lower back injury. If you lift weights correctly then you will be on a safer side.

How To Prevent Lower Back Injuries In The Gym

1. Barbell Curls:

Barbell curls are used to build the bicep muscle. However, it also helps to build the upper chest muscle a little. If you stand straight and lift the barbell then you are doing it the wrong way. This wrong form will put a heavy stress on the lower spine. Failing to do it the right way will cause lower back pain or spinal disc herniation.

To do it safely wear a support belt. Now open your legs and there should be a minimum distance between them equivalent to your shoulders. Now bend you knees a little bit, doing so will eliminate the risk of spinal injury. Bring down the barbell slowly.

2. Barbell Deadlift:

The barbell deadlift is used to strengthen the lower back muscles. You should bend your knees and while performing it, your spine should be straight. If you feel any pain while performing this then you may be doing it wrong.

3. Barbell Squat:

Barbell squat is the best free weight workout to build the thigh muscles. A heavy barbell squat allows the body to release testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which helps the muscle to get bigger. Since it requires heavy weights loaded on your upper back, you should be aware of it correct form. The lower back injury may occur while lifting yourself up from the squatting position because it puts a heavy stress on the lower back muscles and spine. Make sure to wear a gym belt to support your back and stay in the correct form.

4. Machine Rowing:

The machine row workout helps to build the upper back muscles. To do this, you should sit on the machine with bent knees and pull the weights. While going forwards do not lean completely as this will completely stretch your lower back muscles and the lumbar spine will be completely bent. So while pulling the weights from this position, you will injure your lumbar spine. You should avoid this leaning. You should always use a lumbar support belt.

5. T-Bar Rowing:

This machine workout helps to build the upper back muscles. You have to stand on a platform then start rowing. While performing this exercise make sure that your back remain straight without leaning forwards. Slowly lift and bring down the weights to avoid muscle pull and tears. The lumbar support belt should be used.

These were some exercises that may give you lower back injuries if not done with proper safety and form. Performing weight training with correct form will always keep you on the safer side.

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