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Identify Fake/Genuine ON Micronized Creatine Powder From Optimum Nutrition

Creatine supplements are best known for increasing performance of athletes in sports, athletics, bodybuilding and weight training. Creatine Monohydrate is used by almost every person who wants to lift heavy weights and perform better in any field of sports on weight training. Creatine is basically used for energy boosts required during weight training or heavy strength training. Creatine is available in different forms but the most common used form is the micronized creatine monohydrate because it is the most used and most researched type of creatine. In this article I am going to tell you how you can identify whether the ON Micronized Creatine powder is genuine or fake which is one of the best creatine powder available today.

I am reviewing the 100% original micronized creatine powder of Optimum Nutrition [ON] with creapure which delivers 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate in one dose of 5 grams, so you can check whether the specifications or details here match with the creatine you bought which will let you decide whether it is fake or genuine. These tips specially work for you if you live in USA, UK or Canada.

Identify Fake Optimum Nutrition [ON] Micronized Creatine Supplement

1. Check ON Logo: ON stands for Optimum Nutrition. ON logo doesn’t have any background. On your micronized creatine supplements powder jar the logo can be found on the top left above the product lable. The logo has the TM superscript on it. If the logo doesn’t have a TM over it then it is fake ON creatine. The logo is written in capital italics which rests on a bent harpoon. See image below.

ON micronized creatine powder

2. Check The Seal: The ON creatine powder that you are buying  should be properly sealed. The jar is sealed from outside as well as from inside. The outside seal is not necessary but inside seal is must. You should ensure that your jar is sealed from inside. The inside seal is a thick paper seal with “Sealed For Your Protection” written on it. Do not buy ON products that are not properly sealed.

ON creatine sealed container

3. Check The Label: Genuine Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine powder has a good quality label with bright colors and shiny text that doesn’t look cheap or fake from any angle. The jar paper lable is covered with a plastic film that gives it the overall shiny look. The label does not look flimsy. On the product label all the information is given like the manufactures address, ingredients, warnings, allergen, instruction on how to take creatine, supplement facts, bar code and qr codes. All ON products are manufactured in USA so the manufacture’s address should be of US. If you encounter any other address, cheap label, wrong information then you bought a fake ON creatine powder.

4. Check Grammatical Errors: Fake supplements maker often make grammatical errors while printing the product labels. These errors can be spotted by our eyes. Check the entire lable for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Genuine ON products doesn’t have any spelling mistakes. If you find any grammatical error then you are buying a fake ON creatine.

5. Check Lot/Batch Number: Lot or batch number can be found on the neck of the jar. Lot/batch number is a unique product identification number assigned by Optimum Nutrition to its various products while manufacturing. This lot number can be used for genuine supplement verification with Optimum Nutrition. Fake ON creatine does not have lot or batch number. If they have any lot number they can not be matched with original Optimum Nutrition lot numbers.

6. Check Manufacturing And Expiry Date: Before buying the ON creatine powder ensure that it has a manufacturing and expiry date. Having a MFG and expiry date doesn’t always ensure that the creatine you are buying is genuine. It is just a basic check, because why you would buy creatine which has been expired.

7. Scan The QR Code And Bar Code: On the creatine jar you will find a QR code and a bar code. Just scan these codes with your smartphone by using a QR code scanning app. It will show you product details. If the details come to be about ON creatine then its genuine otherwise fake.

Genuine ON Micronized Creatine Powder Verification
You can verify your ON creatine powder whether its genuine or fake from the following method.

  • Write a mail to ‘consumers@optimumnutrition.com’ including the LOT number of your creatine. Ask them to verify the lot number whether it is manufactured by them or not.
  • If you get a positive reply from Optimum Nutrition USA then your ON micronized creatine powder is 100% genuine.
  • If your lot number doesn’t match with Optimum Nutrition’s product batch then your ON creatine is totally a fake one.

Special Genuinity Check For Indian Users
If you live in India then it is hard to find genuine ON creatine supplements, but do not worry please follow the below steps carefully.

  • NEULIFE Nutrition Systems regulate Optimum Nutrition sales in India. Neulife is the only authorized dealer of ON products in India. You should always buy ON creatine from authorized neulife store. To locate store in your area see this.
  • Check that your ON creatine jar has a neulife VAT sticker with 3D hologram. This proves its genuinity. Optimum Nutrition creatine without neulife seal in India is totally fake. Do not buy it. Neulife seal is must for ON products in India.

ON creatine neulife seal

  • Now you can apply the entire tutorial to find whether your ON product is genuine or fake.
  • Also you can verifiy your lot number with ON by writing a mail as I told you above.

You can now identify fake ON Micronized Creatine Powder. If you still have doubts feel free to ask via comments.

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