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7 Exercises To Build Bigger Biceps With Dumbbells And Barbells

Developing big ,sleeve busting biceps is not a big deal, if you are weight training your biceps the right way then you are doing well. Our bicep muscle is a small muscle that contributes 30 to 40 percent of the arm size. This muscle is used in most of the exercises so this muscle is prone to over-training. You should train your bicep in a right way. Training biceps once a week is enough. If you want to develop big biceps than train yourself with free weights because free weights provide the full curl on your arms. Following biceps workouts can be performed using free weights only to build muscle (biceps) and to get huge biceps fast. These exercises can be performed either in the gym or at home.

7 Exercises To Build Bigger Biceps With Dumbbells And Barbells

1.Dumbbell Bicep Curls: Take two dumbbells in your hand and then slowly lift them one at a time and hold the dumbbell at the squeeze position for two seconds then slowly bring it down and repeat for 3 to 4 reps . However, the dumbbell should be lifted by the biceps, not by the power of your shoulders. When this happens then this situation is called CHEATING. Always lift the dumbbells by using only your biceps muscle.

bicep curls
2.Barbell Curls: Barbell curls are performed by using a barbell and weights plates. The technique is simple, hold the barbell in your hands and lift it up unless it becomes parallel to your shoulders. On coming down lift the barbell up before you can let your arms to become fully straight. It also develops the chest muscles.

barbell curls

3.Concentration Curls: This exercise is used to develop the peak in your biceps and is the best exercise to develop the peaks. Take a dumbbell in your hand and bend yourself  keep your either hand on the corresponding leg then star lifting the dumbbell towards your face and keep the dumbbell straight and don't hit your face.

arnold concentration curls

4.Hammer Curls: Hammer curls are done to hit your biceps from a different angle in which the dumbbells are held in a vertical position. Hammers curls also workouts your arms. Simply hold the two dumbbells in a vertical position and start lifting them up. Breathe in oxygen while lifting the dumbbells and breathe out when going down. Hammer curls have two variety, one is alternate hammer curls and other is double hammer curls. In alternate hammer curls, you lift one dumbbell at a time while in double hammer curls you lift two dumbbells at a time.

5.Reverse barbell Curls: This is opposite of barbell curl. In this we hold the rod from its top, not from the bottom.

6.Seated Dumbbell Curls/Inclined Dumbbell Curls: This is performed while sitting on a bench. This exercise helps to build biceps while we are sitting on an inclined space. The good thing about this exercise is that our back gets a full support and we can hit our biceps muscles really hard in order to get a pump. This exercise helps to build bigger biceps with little effort. This bicep exercise mainly targets the front part of the bicep muscle.

7.Double Dumbbell curls: This exercise is similar to bicep curls but in this we lift two dumbbells at the same time. This exercise doubles the effect of simple bicep curls. This bicep exercise can be used to build big and broad biceps fast. This exercise can be performed while sitting or standing.

double dumbbell curls

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