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Tricep Workout At Home With Dumbbells

Triceps is a three headed muscle consisting of long head,medial head and the lateral head muscles.It is the largest muscle in the human arms contributing 70% or 2/3 rd of the overall arm size.The triceps muscles are used in almost every activity which we do by our arms.Tricep muscle is responsible for elbow joint movements,bringing the arm down and arm extensions.Most beginners forget about triceps and keep on developing their biceps.They think that to get huge arms we should train only biceps.But this concept is totally wrong.It is not bicep muscle that contributes 70% to the overall arm size.Tricep muscles make the most of the arm size.

2/3 of Tricep Muscles + 1/3 of Bicep Muscles = Overall arm size

You can't neglect triceps exercises while training in a gym to get huge arms fast.Train your triceps atleast 2 times per week and mostly perform free weight triceps exercises including compound exercises.Compound tricep exercises will build triceps muscles fast than exercising on weight machines.This tutorial will teach you to perform tricep exercises with free weights like dumbbells and barbells without weight machines.You can perform these exercises either in a gym or at home.

Triceps Workout At Home With Dumbbells And Barbells

You can perform following exercises at home to get huge triceps muscles fast.Free weight triceps exercises are very effective if you perform them 2 times per week then you will see difference early because tricep muscles grows very fast if trained properly.So here is a home based triceps workout.

1.Two Handed Overhead Triceps Extension-Stand up or you can perform this while sitting on a bench.Hold one dumbbell with both hands behind your top of the head and slowly bend your arms behind the head at right angles.Your biceps and triceps should be close to your face and do not move them here and there otherwise triceps exercises will not be effective and will injure your shoulder.If you feel pain in any shoulder than you are doing this exercise in a wrong way.

Two handed overhead extension

2.One Arm Overhead Tricep Extension-This exercise is similar to the above but in this we are only using one hand instead of two.Rest the process is same as above.Hold a dumbbell with one hand behind your head and keep your elbow at right angle.Raise the dumbbell with one hand unless the arm become straight or fully extended and slowly move it down.
one arm overhead triceps extensions
3.Triceps Kickbacks-Put your hand and one knee on a bench and hold a dumbbell with either hand,the upper arm parallel to body.Slowly push the dumbbell back by fully moving your elbow thus making it 180 degrees from 90 degrees and slowly return.The arm should be straight.At the squeezing position hold it for 2 seconds and return.
triceps kickbacks

4.Bent Over One Arm Tricep Extension-Sit down on a bench or a chair without back and bend yourself forward and hold a dumbbell in either hand keep your elbow at 90 degrees with the face facing your knee and then slowly raise the dumbbell until your arm is parallel to the ground.
bent over one arm triceps extensions

5.Triceps Skullcrushers-It is a barbell triceps exercise.Lie down on  floor/bench and hold a barbell with both hands straight pointing towards the roof and then start moving the barbell down until it become parallel to your forehead thus making a right angle with elbow.Do not open widen the distance between elbows otherwise it won't be much effective.Be careful about forehead.You may injure your head if this exercise is not done properly.
triceps skullcrushers

6.Close Grip Push Ups-Close grip push ups is the toughest of all and it heavily stresses your tricep muscles because you have to push your arms at a little space.Keep your hands close and the distance should be less than between shoulders.Slowly push your body up and down.Be comfortable while performing this exercise because it is difficult for beginners and put too stress on your elbows.

close grip push ups

7.Tricep Dips-This triceps exercise uses your own body weight to develop tricep muscles.To perform tricep dips put your  hands on a bench behind your back and put your legs on another chair and slowly bring your upper body down thus making right angles with elbows.Keep your back close to the bench otherwise it will hurt your shoulders.You can increase your intensity by putting weights on your thighs.Do not keep your legs too straight bend them a little bit.

tricpes dips
These exercises include bodyweight and free weights triceps exercises.These exercises are very effective in building big triceps fast because we are using only dumbbells and our own body weight to build muscle.You have to be consistent and regular.Train your triceps atleast two times per week and have a good diet including protein,vitamins and little bit of fat to bulk up muscles.

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