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How To Treat And Prevent Lower Back Pain Naturally

Curing lower back pain seems a challenge to most of the people suffering from it.Lower back pain is a very bad situation in which the lumbar spine region is affected.The lower lumbar spine consists of 5 spinal bones that support us to stand and sit properly.Lower back injury happens to everybody atleast once in a lifetime.Lower back injuries can happen due to improper diet,heavy lifting or sprain or strain in the lumbar region.

low back pain

When someone gets a lower back injury then he/she will be unable to bend his/her lower back and feel much pain in the lower lumbar region. Swelling and tearing of muscles is common in lower back injury.Tearing of muscles and swelling is not a problem at all and can be cured with home remedies like applying diclofenac gel and taking hot salt water fermentation.It will go withing few weeks.But if spine has got some problems then immediately consult a doctor.Lower back pain is not limited to muscle tears only,spine can be injured which is the worst of all.

Back in November 2012 I got a lower back injury due to lifting weight incorrectly.It wass left lower back pain.My lumber spine curvature was altered and I was unable to lift any weights also I was unable to bend my lower back.The pain was very bad as I was unable to normal life activities.I took x-rays and a tlc/dlc blood test.The blood test came normal but x-ray showed a little hindrance in the spinal curvature which gave me the pain.I consulted the doctor and he said that I am fine but have to do exercises to prevent and cure this pain otherwise it will go worse.So based on my experience with lower back pain I am telling you to cure it naturally at home.However this can’t replace a doctor’s treatment in spinal fractures.

Treat Lower Back Pain Naturally At Home
First of all the first thing that you have to do after getting lower back injury is to consult the doctor as soon as possible and take his prescription.X ray is must in lower back injury to find any spine complications.

1.Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles : Exercising your abdominal muscles will relieve the pain.Our abdominal muscles support our lower back and if our abdominal muscles are strong then it can prevent back injuries in future.If muscles are weak then they will put pressure on spine instead of supporting it thereby increasing a chance of injury.Workout your abdomen with regular crunches and oblique crunches.Crunches will strengthen the abdominal muscles.More strong the muscles are lower is the chance of lower back injury.

2.Lower Back Exercises : Workout the lumbar region with lower back strengthening exercises.Slowly try to bend your back and try to touch your feet also try to cross touch the toes.Deadlifts with mild weights also strengthens the back muscles.A morning walk is very helpful because it will keep the spine in shape.I f you have got an injury then walk or run on a daily basis to increase the stability of spine.Perform spine strengthening and stability exercises to prevent it in future.Consult your doctor before performing any exercises other you will injure you back again.

3.Good Diet : Do not take excessive fat during lower back spine injury because it will increase belly fat and fat around your waist thereby making difficult for the spine to recover fast.Drink milk,eat carbs which are full of calcium and drink adequate water.Sit in sunlight if it is winter for atleast 15 minutes with the affected area exposed to sunlight directly.Eat calcium rich foods to decrease the recovery time.Also take foods that are good for blood like bananas and eggs.Good blood health leads to healthy bones.Take adequate amount of protein.Protein will help to repair the torn lower back muscles.

4.Hot Salt Water Application : Apply hot salt water with a cotton swab to the affected area.Mix 5 full teaspoons of salt in half litre of hot water.Do this hot salt water twice a day.This salt water application will help to recover fast and also relieve the pain caused by injury.After application apply diclofenac gel to it and do not expose it to cold weather.Wear warm clothes if it is winter.

5.Turmeric Massage : Massaging the lower back with hot mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder is very beneficial.Turmeric powder has healing capability it will repair the torn muscles and relieve pain effectively.Ask a good masseur to massage your lower back with this hot mixture.This will surely help healing the lumbar spine injury fast.

Important Note
When you get a lower back injury then do not keep yourself in bed because it will make the pain worse.If you won’t exercise then scarring may occur in the muscles of lower back which increase the chances of injury again in future.Take good diet,drink milk and eat calcium rich foods also take adequate amount of protein.The healing time of lower back injury is around three months but it can be reduced by performing exercises and taking good diet.

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