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8 Tips For Building Healthy Blood

8 Tips For Building Healthy Blood Blood is the most vital element of human body.Without blood no human can survive.Most of us always think to have a good health free from diseases,but ignore blood health.Healthy blood leads to a healthy body.Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body to supply them correct and adequate fuel to work.Lets check some of the functions of the blood in human body.

Functions of Human Blood
  1. Carrying oxygen to different parts of the body.Low oxygen levels in blood leads to quick fatigue and inabiltity to perform heavy activities but it can be overcome with regular strength training and physical activities.
  2. Carrying minerals,vitamins and essential nutrients to the whole body.
  3. Keeping the body temperature under control by circulating around the whole body.
  4. Fighting micro-organisms that get into your blood stream by using its white blood cells called antibodies.
Foods And Tips To Get Healthy Blood
The main constituent of blood is haemoglobin (blood protein).So eating iron rich foods can build healthy blood in your body.
  1. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach,green broccoli and peas to get adequate iron compound from it.
  2. Drink mixed vegetable juice of carrot,beetroot and tomatoes.Tomatoes are full of iron and carrots and beetroot are also good for your heart.This juice is good for both heart and blood.
  3. Eat red cherry tomatoes,apples and cereals like sprouts and pulses.Pulses and sprouts are vegetarian sources of protein which is good for building blood.
  4. Eat mixed vegetable salad at dinner time to supply minerals and vitamins for good blood health.
  5. Eat bananas.Bananas are blood building fruits.They contain vita A,B,C,D,E,H,K.Vitamin K is good for blood clot.So eat fresh bananas.Banana milk shake is a weight gaining and blood building food.Eating bananas will regulate blood pressure.
  6. Eat boiled eggs.Mostly consume the egg white and take only 2 yellow parts because eating excessive yellow part of the egg can increase cholesterol if you do not perform any physical activity.Egg contains protein,carbohydrates,iron,potassium,zinc,magnesium and phosphorus.These minerals are good for blood health.

    All the above mentioned foods are rich in iron which will build the haemoglobin in your blood if you consume proper amounts of these foods.

  7. Exercise to increase the oxygen levels in your blood.Oxygen levels in your blood can be increased by regular weight training which can be performed at home only with free weights.
  8. Cardiovascular exercises helps to maintain your blood by increasing oxygen levels in blood.These exercises include running,jogging,cycling and swimming.Higher oxygen levels leads to healthy blood.Train atleast 3 times per week.
To see the difference take a haemoglobin test to ensure the amount of haemoglobin in your blood before following these tips.Then after following these tips for 2 months take the haemoglobin test again.You will see an increase in your haemoglobin level.The normal values for haemoglobin in blood should be between 14-18 gm/dL.See whether your blood test indicate a value between this.Value below 14 gm/dL indicates anaemia.
Keeping your blood healthy will boost your immune system.So take care of your body but also take care of your blood because our overall body health depends on healthy blood.

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