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How To Strengthen Heart Muscles

A healthy heart leads to a healthy life. The main task of human heart is to provide oxygenated blood to the body. A heart keeps beating all the time in one's lifetime performing its duty of pumping blood in the body. Our heart muscles should be strong enough to take daily life challenges like the routine works in our lives. Our heart beats according to the work done by our body. Suppose if we are walking then our heart will beat normally while if are running then it will beat at a faster rate to supply the blood and oxygen needed by the body quickly. A strong heart means a heart with strong muscles including the left and right atrium. Strong atrium muscles ensure proper working of the heart and correct supply of oxygen and blood to the body.

In this post I will tell you some exercises to strengthen your heart muscles. You can perform these exercises on a daily basis if you have never performed them. These exercises also contributes to healthy blood. The exercises that I am going to mention will also increase oxygen levels in your body and you will feel energetic.

Exercises Strengthen Heart Muscles

1.Cycling : Cycling is a very good and proven exercise to build strong heart muscles. This exercise is the best because it also workouts you whole body. Cycling daily atleast 10 KMs will give great results in few months. In cycling the heart beats at a constant rate thereby the heart atrium muscles are under a little stress. This continuous beating of heart exercises the heart muscles and makes them stronger over time. What you have to do during cycling is to not to drink water when your heart is beating fast. Avoid cycling at high speeds as it will stress your heart more and you will feel lethargic. Gradually increase cycling speeds to get good results.

2.Running : Running also exercises our heart muscles in its own way. This exercise can be performed in a pollution free and clean area where fresh oxygen is available. Simply start running at a low speed if you are a beginner because running fast will make you feel lethargic and stress out your heart. Simply start with light running and do it on a daily basis. Over time do not perform this exercise daily because too much cardio vascular exercises are also not good for out heart.

3.Push Ups : Push Ups is a very good exercise that exercises your heart muscles. The technique is simple to perform push ups. Simply lie down on floor with your chest facing the floor. Now start pushing the floor with both of your hands and lift your body up. Breathe in oxygen when you lift your body up and breathe out when you come down. Simply start with 3 sets of 10 reps and do it for 15 minutes daily. Over time you can increase the sets and reps.

push ups for boys

push ups for girls

4.Pull Ups : Pulls Ups can be performed in your home or at gym to strengthen your heart muscles. In pull ups you hold a vertical bar above you and lift your body up. This exercise should be performed in an open space where plenty of oxygen is available. If you perform this exercise inside a room then you will feel weak instantly and your heart will go under heavy pressure due to low oxygen.

5.Weight Training : Any kind of weight training contributes to healthy heart muscles. You can go to a gym or can exercise at home with few dumbbells and body weight exercises.

Benefits Of Strong Heart Muscles

  • You will always feel energetic because your heart is now capable of pumping more blood and oxygen in a single beat.
  • You can easily go upstairs without getting tired.
  • You can run for long distances.
  • Your blood pressure will be lowered because your heart is now pumping more blood in single beat so it doesn't have to work more.
  • Your heart is now an 'athlete's heart'.

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7 Exercises To Build Bigger Biceps With Dumbbells And Barbells

Developing big ,sleeve busting biceps is not a big deal, if you are weight training your biceps the right way then you are doing well. Our bicep muscle is a small muscle that contributes 30 to 40 percent of the arm size. This muscle is used in most of the exercises so this muscle is prone to over-training. You should train your bicep in a right way. Training biceps once a week is enough. If you want to develop big biceps than train yourself with free weights because free weights provide the full curl on your arms. Following biceps workouts can be performed using free weights only to build muscle (biceps) and to get huge biceps fast. These exercises can be performed either in the gym or at home.

7 Exercises To Build Bigger Biceps With Dumbbells And Barbells

1.Dumbbell Bicep Curls: Take two dumbbells in your hand and then slowly lift them one at a time and hold the dumbbell at the squeeze position for two seconds then slowly bring it down and repeat for 3 to 4 reps . However, the dumbbell should be lifted by the biceps, not by the power of your shoulders. When this happens then this situation is called CHEATING. Always lift the dumbbells by using only your biceps muscle.

bicep curls
2.Barbell Curls: Barbell curls are performed by using a barbell and weights plates. The technique is simple, hold the barbell in your hands and lift it up unless it becomes parallel to your shoulders. On coming down lift the barbell up before you can let your arms to become fully straight. It also develops the chest muscles.

barbell curls

3.Concentration Curls: This exercise is used to develop the peak in your biceps and is the best exercise to develop the peaks. Take a dumbbell in your hand and bend yourself  keep your either hand on the corresponding leg then star lifting the dumbbell towards your face and keep the dumbbell straight and don't hit your face.

arnold concentration curls

4.Hammer Curls: Hammer curls are done to hit your biceps from a different angle in which the dumbbells are held in a vertical position. Hammers curls also workouts your arms. Simply hold the two dumbbells in a vertical position and start lifting them up. Breathe in oxygen while lifting the dumbbells and breathe out when going down. Hammer curls have two variety, one is alternate hammer curls and other is double hammer curls. In alternate hammer curls, you lift one dumbbell at a time while in double hammer curls you lift two dumbbells at a time.

5.Reverse barbell Curls: This is opposite of barbell curl. In this we hold the rod from its top, not from the bottom.

6.Seated Dumbbell Curls/Inclined Dumbbell Curls: This is performed while sitting on a bench. This exercise helps to build biceps while we are sitting on an inclined space. The good thing about this exercise is that our back gets a full support and we can hit our biceps muscles really hard in order to get a pump. This exercise helps to build bigger biceps with little effort. This bicep exercise mainly targets the front part of the bicep muscle.

7.Double Dumbbell curls: This exercise is similar to bicep curls but in this we lift two dumbbells at the same time. This exercise doubles the effect of simple bicep curls. This bicep exercise can be used to build big and broad biceps fast. This exercise can be performed while sitting or standing.

double dumbbell curls

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Friday, February 15, 2013

How To Treat And Prevent Lower Back Pain Naturally

Curing lower back pain seems a challenge to most of the people suffering from it.Lower back pain is a very bad situation in which the lumbar spine region is affected.The lower lumbar spine consists of 5 spinal bones that support us to stand and sit properly.Lower back injury happens to everybody atleast once in a lifetime.Lower back injuries can happen due to improper diet,heavy lifting or sprain or strain in the lumbar region.

low back pain

When someone gets a lower back injury then he/she will be unable to bend his/her lower back and feel much pain in the lower lumbar region. Swelling and tearing of muscles is common in lower back injury.Tearing of muscles and swelling is not a problem at all and can be cured with home remedies like applying diclofenac gel and taking hot salt water fermentation.It will go withing few weeks.But if spine has got some problems then immediately consult a doctor.Lower back pain is not limited to muscle tears only,spine can be injured which is the worst of all.

Back in November 2012 I got a lower back injury due to lifting weight incorrectly.It wass left lower back pain.My lumber spine curvature was altered and I was unable to lift any weights also I was unable to bend my lower back.The pain was very bad as I was unable to normal life activities.I took x-rays and a tlc/dlc blood test.The blood test came normal but x-ray showed a little hindrance in the spinal curvature which gave me the pain.I consulted the doctor and he said that I am fine but have to do exercises to prevent and cure this pain otherwise it will go worse.So based on my experience with lower back pain I am telling you to cure it naturally at home.However this can’t replace a doctor’s treatment in spinal fractures.

Treat Lower Back Pain Naturally At Home
First of all the first thing that you have to do after getting lower back injury is to consult the doctor as soon as possible and take his prescription.X ray is must in lower back injury to find any spine complications.

1.Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles : Exercising your abdominal muscles will relieve the pain.Our abdominal muscles support our lower back and if our abdominal muscles are strong then it can prevent back injuries in future.If muscles are weak then they will put pressure on spine instead of supporting it thereby increasing a chance of injury.Workout your abdomen with regular crunches and oblique crunches.Crunches will strengthen the abdominal muscles.More strong the muscles are lower is the chance of lower back injury.

2.Lower Back Exercises : Workout the lumbar region with lower back strengthening exercises.Slowly try to bend your back and try to touch your feet also try to cross touch the toes.Deadlifts with mild weights also strengthens the back muscles.A morning walk is very helpful because it will keep the spine in shape.I f you have got an injury then walk or run on a daily basis to increase the stability of spine.Perform spine strengthening and stability exercises to prevent it in future.Consult your doctor before performing any exercises other you will injure you back again.

3.Good Diet : Do not take excessive fat during lower back spine injury because it will increase belly fat and fat around your waist thereby making difficult for the spine to recover fast.Drink milk,eat carbs which are full of calcium and drink adequate water.Sit in sunlight if it is winter for atleast 15 minutes with the affected area exposed to sunlight directly.Eat calcium rich foods to decrease the recovery time.Also take foods that are good for blood like bananas and eggs.Good blood health leads to healthy bones.Take adequate amount of protein.Protein will help to repair the torn lower back muscles.

4.Hot Salt Water Application : Apply hot salt water with a cotton swab to the affected area.Mix 5 full teaspoons of salt in half litre of hot water.Do this hot salt water twice a day.This salt water application will help to recover fast and also relieve the pain caused by injury.After application apply diclofenac gel to it and do not expose it to cold weather.Wear warm clothes if it is winter.

5.Turmeric Massage : Massaging the lower back with hot mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder is very beneficial.Turmeric powder has healing capability it will repair the torn muscles and relieve pain effectively.Ask a good masseur to massage your lower back with this hot mixture.This will surely help healing the lumbar spine injury fast.

Important Note
When you get a lower back injury then do not keep yourself in bed because it will make the pain worse.If you won’t exercise then scarring may occur in the muscles of lower back which increase the chances of injury again in future.Take good diet,drink milk and eat calcium rich foods also take adequate amount of protein.The healing time of lower back injury is around three months but it can be reduced by performing exercises and taking good diet.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally Low sperm count leads to infertility in men.Low sperm count is not a disease but is a sign that you are not taking good care of your body.Most men do not know about this and they waste there money in many medicines instead of being natural.Having low sperm count is not good for a women getting pregnant.Low sperm count greatly depends upon the human lifestyle and diet.All work and no physical activity makes us sick.Unable to take good and healthy diet is also a reason for low sperm count.

The normal sperm count in human body is around 20 million per ml which is nowadays reduced to 15 million per ml because of poor lifestyle and diet.We can increase sperm count in our body naturally without taking any pills or expensive medicines.Just follow below tips to increase the sperm count and sperm fertility.

Tips To Increase Sperm Count And Male Fertility Naturally


1.Avoid Smoking : Smoking is injurious to entire body health.It damages our lungs and gives us a big belly and damaged brain cells.Smoking also affects the blood quality.And increased nicotine in blood reduces and destroys sperm production in human body.If you smoke heavily immediately stop it.Smoking introduces many toxins in the body and makes the skin color darker and removes the glow on face and skin.It is very deadly and harmful for sperms.Avoid it totally.

2.Avoid Alcohol : Like smoking alcohol is an enemy of human sperms.It damages liver and brain cells.Due to damaged brain,the brain cannot control the right amount of sperm production in our body thereby lowering sperm count.It also affects the pituitary gland in the human brain which is also known as growth hormone releasing gland.

3.Always Be Happy : Always try to be happy in your life and avoid unusual tension and stress on your mind and body.Keeping oneself happy is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.Keep yourself motivated always and never lose hope.A happy brain releases adrenaline in the body which is a chemical responsible for the feeling of happiness.Do not put stress on your brain under any circumstances.Do meditation and be calm.

4.Wear Loose Pants And Underwears : Wear tight pants and underwears greatly affects the sperm production.The temperature for sperm production is 3 degrees lower than human body i.e. 34 degree celcius.If you wear tight underwear then it will put stress on the testes which will affect sperm production.If you are sitting for a long time then relax them at intervals to avoid stress on testes.Also varicocele can trigger lower sperm count and infertility.

5.Do Exercise At Home : Exercise is most important to improve lifestyle.Exercise will improve everything in your body.Exercise will give you healthy blood,healthy muscles,healthy bones,healthy heart and healthy lungs.It will boost your metabolism.Add exercises to your life no matter how busy you are in life.If you do not have much time to hit the gym workout at home.A good workout will enhance sperm production in body.Exercises like squats are very good for sperm production.Invest atleast one hour to workout for good health and well being.Do cardiovascular exercises daily like running,walking and jogging.

6.Take A Healthy Diet : Avoid junks foods and excessive fats.Take vitamins of all kinds.You can get most vitamins from fresh fruits and dairy products.Include protein in your diet.Eat eggs,drink milk and adequate amount of water in a day upto 2 litres.Eat bananas because they are vitamin rich foods and best food for sperm production.Bananas are full of vitamins.They add health to your body.Also consume fish and sea foods if possible.

7.Avoid Mobile Radiation : However we can’t avoid mobile radiation completely but we can reduce it.Most people and expert says  that mobile phone radiation affects sperm count if the phone is kept in pant’s pocket.Yes it can lower sperm count and also the phone itself can.Mobile radiation increases the heat in pocket which affects sperm count.So be careful while using your mobile phone.

Above tips can give you a good sperm count and health.But exercise is most important in one’s life for overall health.Change your lifestyle ,exercise a little bit,take a healthy diet and you will live a healthy life.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tricep Workout At Home With Dumbbells

Triceps is a three headed muscle consisting of long head,medial head and the lateral head muscles.It is the largest muscle in the human arms contributing 70% or 2/3 rd of the overall arm size.The triceps muscles are used in almost every activity which we do by our arms.Tricep muscle is responsible for elbow joint movements,bringing the arm down and arm extensions.Most beginners forget about triceps and keep on developing their biceps.They think that to get huge arms we should train only biceps.But this concept is totally wrong.It is not bicep muscle that contributes 70% to the overall arm size.Tricep muscles make the most of the arm size.

2/3 of Tricep Muscles + 1/3 of Bicep Muscles = Overall arm size

You can't neglect triceps exercises while training in a gym to get huge arms fast.Train your triceps atleast 2 times per week and mostly perform free weight triceps exercises including compound exercises.Compound tricep exercises will build triceps muscles fast than exercising on weight machines.This tutorial will teach you to perform tricep exercises with free weights like dumbbells and barbells without weight machines.You can perform these exercises either in a gym or at home.

Triceps Workout At Home With Dumbbells And Barbells

You can perform following exercises at home to get huge triceps muscles fast.Free weight triceps exercises are very effective if you perform them 2 times per week then you will see difference early because tricep muscles grows very fast if trained properly.So here is a home based triceps workout.

1.Two Handed Overhead Triceps Extension-Stand up or you can perform this while sitting on a bench.Hold one dumbbell with both hands behind your top of the head and slowly bend your arms behind the head at right angles.Your biceps and triceps should be close to your face and do not move them here and there otherwise triceps exercises will not be effective and will injure your shoulder.If you feel pain in any shoulder than you are doing this exercise in a wrong way.

Two handed overhead extension

2.One Arm Overhead Tricep Extension-This exercise is similar to the above but in this we are only using one hand instead of two.Rest the process is same as above.Hold a dumbbell with one hand behind your head and keep your elbow at right angle.Raise the dumbbell with one hand unless the arm become straight or fully extended and slowly move it down.
one arm overhead triceps extensions
3.Triceps Kickbacks-Put your hand and one knee on a bench and hold a dumbbell with either hand,the upper arm parallel to body.Slowly push the dumbbell back by fully moving your elbow thus making it 180 degrees from 90 degrees and slowly return.The arm should be straight.At the squeezing position hold it for 2 seconds and return.
triceps kickbacks

4.Bent Over One Arm Tricep Extension-Sit down on a bench or a chair without back and bend yourself forward and hold a dumbbell in either hand keep your elbow at 90 degrees with the face facing your knee and then slowly raise the dumbbell until your arm is parallel to the ground.
bent over one arm triceps extensions

5.Triceps Skullcrushers-It is a barbell triceps exercise.Lie down on  floor/bench and hold a barbell with both hands straight pointing towards the roof and then start moving the barbell down until it become parallel to your forehead thus making a right angle with elbow.Do not open widen the distance between elbows otherwise it won't be much effective.Be careful about forehead.You may injure your head if this exercise is not done properly.
triceps skullcrushers

6.Close Grip Push Ups-Close grip push ups is the toughest of all and it heavily stresses your tricep muscles because you have to push your arms at a little space.Keep your hands close and the distance should be less than between shoulders.Slowly push your body up and down.Be comfortable while performing this exercise because it is difficult for beginners and put too stress on your elbows.

close grip push ups

7.Tricep Dips-This triceps exercise uses your own body weight to develop tricep muscles.To perform tricep dips put your  hands on a bench behind your back and put your legs on another chair and slowly bring your upper body down thus making right angles with elbows.Keep your back close to the bench otherwise it will hurt your shoulders.You can increase your intensity by putting weights on your thighs.Do not keep your legs too straight bend them a little bit.

tricpes dips
These exercises include bodyweight and free weights triceps exercises.These exercises are very effective in building big triceps fast because we are using only dumbbells and our own body weight to build muscle.You have to be consistent and regular.Train your triceps atleast two times per week and have a good diet including protein,vitamins and little bit of fat to bulk up muscles.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 Body Weight Exercises To Get A Healthy And Fit Body

5 Body Weight Exercises To Get A Healthy And Fit Body To stay fit and healthy joining a gym is not necessary.You can stay fit without going to gym.Yes you heard right,if you do not have much time to devote to exercise in a gym then you can perform body weight exercises to sculpt your body at home.Body weight exercises are those exercises that use your own body weight as resistance.These are basic exercises and are very effective to stay in shape,stay fit and healthy.The most interesting thing about these exercises is that you don’t need any weight machines or weight plates.You can perform these exercises anywhere you want.The place can be your room,garage or a public park.

5 Body Weight Exercises To Stay Fit And Healthy
1.Push Ups : Push ups is a universal exercise that workout your whole body including chest,arms,shoulders,abdomen and legs.It is the best exercise to build your upper body and chest muscles.

push ups

How To Do : Open your hands wide apart while facing the floor.Now with your both hands push the floor to lift your body up.Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

2.Pull Ups : You will need a metal bar fitted in between two walls to do this exercise.This exercise workouts  your chest,biceps and arms.

How To Do : Grab the metal bar with grip wider than distance between your shoulders.Cross your legs and bend them to avoid contact with the floor.Now lift your body up then down.Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3.Squats And Lunges : Squats and lunges work o your thigh muscles.Squats are situps which build thigh muscles.Lunges are also for thigh muscles.


How To Do Squats : Just open your legs wide apart equal to distance between your shoulders.Now bend your knees and sit down to form a chair position so that angle between thighs and knees is 90 degrees.Get up without going down further.If the angle is less than 90 degrees then squats will not be effective.


How To Do Lunges : Stand straight and put both your hands on your waist.Now take your right leg forward and bend it in a forward direction to an angle of 90 degree also bend your left leg or keep it straight in position.Do the same for your left leg.

4.Tricep Dips : Tricep dips workout your triceps muscles.Tricep muscle contributes 70 percent of the overall arm size.So tricep dips will help to develop tricep muscles.Here is picture depicting tricep dips.

tricep dips

5.Crunches : Abdominal crunches workout your abdominal muscles.This exercise make your stomach muscles strong.You can perform regular crunches and oblique crunches to get stronger abdominal muscles.

regular crunches

How To Do : Lie on your back and bend your knees then start lifting your upper body off the floor which will put stress on abs.Perform 10 reps of 3 sets.

By performing above exercises you are doing a total body workout at home by using your own body weight rather than using weight machines.Share this post if you like it.

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8 Tips For Building Healthy Blood

8 Tips For Building Healthy Blood Blood is the most vital element of human body.Without blood no human can survive.Most of us always think to have a good health free from diseases,but ignore blood health.Healthy blood leads to a healthy body.Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body to supply them correct and adequate fuel to work.Lets check some of the functions of the blood in human body.

Functions of Human Blood
  1. Carrying oxygen to different parts of the body.Low oxygen levels in blood leads to quick fatigue and inabiltity to perform heavy activities but it can be overcome with regular strength training and physical activities.
  2. Carrying minerals,vitamins and essential nutrients to the whole body.
  3. Keeping the body temperature under control by circulating around the whole body.
  4. Fighting micro-organisms that get into your blood stream by using its white blood cells called antibodies.
Foods And Tips To Get Healthy Blood
The main constituent of blood is haemoglobin (blood protein).So eating iron rich foods can build healthy blood in your body.
  1. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach,green broccoli and peas to get adequate iron compound from it.
  2. Drink mixed vegetable juice of carrot,beetroot and tomatoes.Tomatoes are full of iron and carrots and beetroot are also good for your heart.This juice is good for both heart and blood.
  3. Eat red cherry tomatoes,apples and cereals like sprouts and pulses.Pulses and sprouts are vegetarian sources of protein which is good for building blood.
  4. Eat mixed vegetable salad at dinner time to supply minerals and vitamins for good blood health.
  5. Eat bananas.Bananas are blood building fruits.They contain vita A,B,C,D,E,H,K.Vitamin K is good for blood clot.So eat fresh bananas.Banana milk shake is a weight gaining and blood building food.Eating bananas will regulate blood pressure.
  6. Eat boiled eggs.Mostly consume the egg white and take only 2 yellow parts because eating excessive yellow part of the egg can increase cholesterol if you do not perform any physical activity.Egg contains protein,carbohydrates,iron,potassium,zinc,magnesium and phosphorus.These minerals are good for blood health.

    All the above mentioned foods are rich in iron which will build the haemoglobin in your blood if you consume proper amounts of these foods.

  7. Exercise to increase the oxygen levels in your blood.Oxygen levels in your blood can be increased by regular weight training which can be performed at home only with free weights.
  8. Cardiovascular exercises helps to maintain your blood by increasing oxygen levels in blood.These exercises include running,jogging,cycling and swimming.Higher oxygen levels leads to healthy blood.Train atleast 3 times per week.
To see the difference take a haemoglobin test to ensure the amount of haemoglobin in your blood before following these tips.Then after following these tips for 2 months take the haemoglobin test again.You will see an increase in your haemoglobin level.The normal values for haemoglobin in blood should be between 14-18 gm/dL.See whether your blood test indicate a value between this.Value below 14 gm/dL indicates anaemia.
Keeping your blood healthy will boost your immune system.So take care of your body but also take care of your blood because our overall body health depends on healthy blood.

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How To Build Your Own Home Gym

how to build your own home gym Everybody wants to go to gym to stay fit and healthy.But every gym has its own rates of memberships with coach fees included.A popular gym can charge you around $1000 per year for membership.Everybody can’t afford this much of money so you can find a local cheap gym in your area which will be best for you.To stay fit and healthy is everybody’s birth right and nobody can take it from you,but you should know how to use this right.

weight plates

In this post you will know how you can setup your own gym at home by spending minimum amount of money as possible.Instead of spending too much money at one time spend adequate money at right intervals to increase equipments in your home gym.If your money budget for home gym is small then you can only buy free weights like dumbbells,barbells,kettlebells and weight plates.It doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise,free weight exercises are the best.We will only talk about creating a home gym in minimum amount of money.

Tips To Build Your Own Home Gym
  • Find and search fitness and health equipment store around your local area.A fitness equipments store contains all the bodybuilding equipments including free weights and weight machines but you should buy free weights only if you are a beginner in bodybuilding and have low money budget.
  • Do not buy whole dumbbells because they are expensive and can’t be adjusted.Always buy adjustable dumbbells with small rods and small weight plates.These plates and rods are ideal for dumbbells.The best things about adjustable dumbbells is that you can add extra weight plates when needed according to the length of dumbbell rod.

adjustable dumbbells

  • Buy barbell rods of two sizes.One is small and other large.With small barbell you can do exercises like barbell curls and triceps extensions.With large barbell curls you can perform squats,bench press,deadlifts,barbell shoulder press.Also you can buy a  EZ-bar for multipurpose exercises,but if your budget is low for home gym then you can ignore the EZ-bar.
  • By cheap weight plates with rubber coating.These weight plates are very affordable to buy as compared to iron weight plates.Iron weight plates are double the price of rubber plates.Buy weight plates according to the following.
4 weight plates x 2 KG
4 weight plates x 3 KG
4 weight plates x 4 KG
2 weight plates x 10 KG

  • Find a good place in your home to keep all the equipments and where you can exercise without any disturbance.
  • Learn free weight exercises with dumbbells and barbells with light weight plates first to avoid injury due to incorrect lifting.Educate yourself more and more about the free weight and body weight exercises.
  • A personalized home gym looks like as follows which contains free weights only.
home gym

Benefits Of Home Gym
  • It will save your time and money.
  • You will gain weight fast by performing compound exercises with free weights with good diet.Compound exercises increase range of motion of muscles which are more effective than exercises performed on weight machi nes.
  • You don’t have to wait in a line like a gym to use the equipment because you have your own home gym.
Precautions For Home Gym
  • In your home gym you are own your own and no coach or fitness instructor will be present to help you.So learn about free weight exercises before performing them.Learning more about these exercises will help you to perform these exercises well.
  • Start with light weights to master the art of bodybuilding with free weights.Heavy weights can injure you if not used properly.Perfection in bodybuilding with free weights will make you a master.So learn first then perform.
  • Start with compound exercises only to develop your muscles and target each muscle group.You can workout each muscle group at home.
Share this wonderful post if you like it.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How To Gain Weight Naturally At Home

How To Gain Weight Naturally At Home
Gaining weight for many skinny people is difficult because lack of knowledge.Most people want to gain weight in no time.Gaining healthy weight is not limited to just eating food but it also includes weight training.Gaining weight can be simple but you should know what are the right foods to gain some extra pounds.Gaining weight and gaining healthy weight are two different things.In first situation you gain only fat and cholesterol which is not good for your heart.In second situation you gain muscle mass which is pure body weight.But you can’t gain healthy weight only from eating foods but also you have to perform weight training exercises and some cardiovascular exercises.Here are some tips to gain weight naturally at home with natural foods without expensive supplements.

Gain Weight Fast

Tips To Gain Weigth Fast
1.What To Eat : Eat everything you get but in a balanced way.By balanced way I mean not overeating and not under eating foods.Eat adequate protein,vitamins and fats.Avoid junk foods and transfat.You can get adequate amount of protein from chicken eggs,milk,cheese,sprouts and carbs.Eat eggs daily with milk and banana.Milk contains 15% protein and a large egg contains about 7 grams of protein.So drink milk and eat eggs on a daily basis.Do not overeat the boiled yellow part (albumin) of egg as it is high in cholesterol.Only 2 or 3 albumin are sufficient.Eats lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like banana,apple,carrots,cherry tomatoes and beetroots.You can get all major vitamins from banana only.Banana is very healthy for gaining weight and is also good for our blood.

2.When To Eat : Eat atleast 6 meals a day with 3 large meals and 3 small meals.3 large meals include breakfast,lunch and dinner.3 small meals can be taken between breakfast,lunch and dinner.2 small meals between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner.Never miss your breakfast otherwise you will get into starvation mode unless you eat.In starvation mode body eats itself to produce energy mostly it uses the stored fat on your body to survive.The more you starve the more skinny you will become.You can take fruits like bananas in small meals or everything you like which is not junk food.Eating fresh fruits is good for gaining weight

3.What To Drink : Drink 1.5 litres of water in a whole day.Human body is made of 70% water.So drinking adequate water can earn you extra pounds.When you eat protein then your body starts consuming body water to digest the protein as a result the body water level reduces.If you do not drink sufficient water then your body will not be hydrated and become weak.Hydration levels of body should be excellent specially in summers.Drinking water removes toxins from the body and gives glow to the skin.If you are non-vegetarian then drink lots of water atleast 2 litres a day but do not overdrink.You can also drink mixed vegetable juice of carrot,beetroot and tomatoes.This mixed fruit juice increases the blood quality and rbc count.

weight gain training

4.Do Weight Training : You should exercise at home to gain weight fast and the healthy way.If you do not like to go to gym then few dumbbells and barbells are sufficient.Exercise will increase your metabolism rate.Do body weight exercises like pushups,pull-ups and squats.With dumbbells you can perform biceps curls,dumbbell chest press,shoulder press,tricep curls,barbell curls,reverse barbell curls,close grip push ups.All these exercises will help you to gain weight.Eat pre workout diet and post workout diet.Post workout diet should be taken within 20 minutes after workout for best results to gain weight.

5.Do Cardio : Do cardiovascular exercises atleast two times per week to improve your heart and blood health.Perform running and cycling.Start running with small distances and do not stress the heart much on the very first day.Cardio exercise will reduce all extra body weight and improve heart health.

6.Get Proper Sleep : Sleep atleast 8 hours per day to refresh your body for the next day.Sleeping is very necessary to gain weight because you build muscle when you sleep.

Follow these tips for the first month and you will see weight gain results in your body.Measure your weight every week on a weigth machine to track your progress.

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